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In the sacred name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I extend to you a warm and heartfelt welcome into the embrace of this resplendent family, united under the divine banner of God.

I am firmly convinced, without a shadow of doubt, that your every footstep has been intricately orchestrated and guided by the hand of the Almighty, leading you to this very sanctuary. As you stand within these hallowed walls, your heart brims with anticipations and aspirations, all awaiting fulfillment.

Drawing inspiration from the profound verses of Acts 3:1-3, we are often compelled to venture forth from the confines of our humble abodes with the notion that it is yet another customary Sunday, a routine pilgrimage to the house of worship. For some, punctuality may seem of little consequence, and the appearance they maintain holds more significance than timeliness. There are even those who believe that this practice serves as a shield against the probing inquiries of the Pastor, sparing them from the weighty interrogation regarding their absence from the congregation.

Let us together navigate this journey of faith, where the uncertain path unfolds before us like a mysterious canvas painted by the hand of the Creator.

- Pastor Mrs. Mayokun Adeyale

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Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a Community sharing life around a table. One of the central ways we grow as disciples of Jesus is by having intentional relationships with people who share the same goal. If you are interested in joining a group please email us directly.

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