Children are the heritage of God

MFM Fort Wayne IN children’s department is devoted to bringing up children in the way of the Lord. We have a passion for the spiritual growth of children and ensuring that all children are close to God from their very young age. We teach children about the word of God and about how to live a Godly life.

MFM Fort Wayne IN provides things that are needed to make learning about God effective. The church provides physical and spiritual support to teachers, parents and the children.

Our teachers are dedicated and passionate about children. We pray with the children and encourage them to have a personal relationship with God. We teach children how to communicate with God through prayers.

Our children are God-fearing and they show good manners to teachers and their peers.

We are passionate about safeguarding. As such, we ensure that children learn about God in a safe and conducive environment.

The Covenant of Grace Assembly

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